Welcome to Spontaneous Healing Journey. Here, you will discover that you have the power within to transform yourself to health and wellness. When you discover that you can heal yourself, a shift happens in your mind that is transmitted throughout your body allowing it to heal. It becomes a wondrous and miraculous journey which is never ending.

I believe in the power of the body to heal itself with a little help from us. On Spontaneous Healing Journey, through using my techniques that I have learned and used on myself and clients over the past 20 years, you will discover how easy it is to heal your mind and body.

You are what you think, believe and feel. Your thoughts and emotions control your behaviour and actions. When you change your thoughts and beliefs and release negative emotions, you change your life.

A powerful aspect of your personality and behavior is your emotions. One of the underlying causes of all illness and dis-ease in the body  are negative emotions.

I have developed several techniques over the past 20 years which I use on myself to rid my body of aches, pains and illnesses. When you release negative emotions, beliefs and behaviors, your body amazingly responds immediately. My specialized releasing technique, for emotions, behaviors, and beliefs will  help you to release all the painful emotions and beliefs that you are holding in your body subconsciously which sabotage your manifestations for health, wealth, and happiness.

When you understand how beliefs that you have learned from family, friends, teachers and mentors are not working for you and once you use my technique for letting them go, you will discover more peace, harmony, love and satisfaction in your life. Releasing subconscious emotions that are locked in the tissues of your body will help you to release illness and pain.

You can find more information on this technique at letting go of anger

This technique, plus others will help you to:

  • reprogram your thoughts,

  • heal physical issues such as chronic pain anywhere in your body such as back pain and digestive problems

  • discover vitality in health,

  • overcome eating issues,

  • attract new opportunities in your life,

  • experience deeper peace and ease than ever before.

You are invited to celebrate the launch of my life-changing program to learn how to experience miraculous healing in your own life, regardless of the situation.

With this tool at your fingertips, you’ll learn how to leverage an immediate  Spontaneous Healing  Transformation at any time to open and heal your heart and whole being for abundance, truth, beauty, peace, and joy.

Note: I will be releasing my program Spontaneous Releasing Technique to you in the near future.