Do You Suffer From Anxiety?


Do You Have Menopause Anxiety? If you are feeling insecure during your menopausal years, you probably have menopause anxiety. It does not happen overnight, but gradually and it can happen between the ages of 30 to 60 years of age. My mother suffered from depression during her menopause in her early 40’s and was extremely quiet. I thought it strange since she was usually volatile and vocal.

When I started menopause during my late 30’s, my biggest problem was fatigue and since I was running a business, it was difficult keeping up with the demands. At that time I was taking several supplements to boost my energy. 

Menopause can start at any age and any time. I believe mine started earlier due to excessive stress.

It is said that menopause begins once a woman no longer monthly periods for twelve months. The feelings start much earlier such as sudden mood changes, feelings of depression and anxiety, and you can experience irregular bleeding, urinary and vaginal problems. I had a friend who went through periods of fanatical rages, her doctor prescribed tranquilizers. My experiences included abdominal pains, sore back, swollen breasts and periods of sadness.

At that time I did not know about natural herbal remedies from Pure Herbs here in Quebec. They have excellent products for women experiencing menopause anxiety.

Here Are My Herbal Recommendations:

Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

D.A.N.-C has been proven to correct nervous system disorders causing depression, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia, memory problems, migraines and lack of concentration. It strengthens and restores your nervous system, increases circulation to your brain and helps to bring on a feeling of calmness.

It has a combination of:

  • Evening Primrose

  • Lady’s Slipper

  • Blue Vervain

  • Rice Bran

  • Cudweed

  • St. Jophn’s Wort

  • Horsetail

  • Feverfew

  • Indian Tobacco

  • Wormseed

Scullcap is used for tension, excitability, restlessness, nervous twitches and insomnia.

Black Cohosh is used for menopausal hot flashes, painful menstruation, uterine cramps and delayed menstruation. It has also been used for high blood pressure, and rheumatism, and relieves muscular and neurological pain. This should not be used during pregnancy.

Maca feeds the brain’s pineal and pituitary glands and so stimulates the body’s other glands. Maca plays a huge role in menopause anxiety by reducing menstrual problems, hot flashes, increases sexual desire, regulates vaginal lubrication, improves skin appearance, reduces stress and stabilizes your emotions.

It is also rich in essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. It also helps in the treatment of male fertility problems.

P.M.S.-W is used to correct body chemistry imbalances that occur during the monthly cycle. It helps to supply calcium and other vital minerals to stop cramping, and headaches, prevents fluid retention and calms to the nerves. This combination cleans the female reproduction system and restores hormonal balance.

It has a combination of:

  • Dong Quai

  • Gravel Root

  • Red Raspberry Leaf

  • Partridge Berry

  • Blessed thistle

  • Black Cohosh

  • Wild Yam

If you need more information or would like to be tested for a particular product you can contact me.