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Tanya Tkach

Tanya TkachSpiritual Medium

Tanya Tkach is a retired Mental Health Counselor who used to think that her retirement years would be filled with a bucket list of things she still wants to experience. That all changed when she lost three of the most important people in my life.

“I discovered that the only thing that is important in life is love and my journey involved learning how to love and accept myself.”

Since then, she had a huge spiritual awakening likened to an  adventurous roller coaster ride that transformed her life, she became reclusive, wrote a book, started a website based on her book, That Damn Voice Again, Communication From Beyond” and now started her second website Spontaneous Healing Journey.

She loves helping people, but never thought she would be doing it online.

“It’s nothing like what I was taught while studying for a Masters of Science in Counseling SUNY in New York state. My gift of hearing voices which I had as a child, is now the catalyst for my method of helping others. It has led to a technique which I have developed on myself, through the help of my spiritual guides, and which I have used on clients with tremendous success. This technique leads to immediate transformational healing.”

Because of her ability of spiritual communication, she receives everything she needs to help each client who discovers her. She cannot tell you what will happen exactly because she do not know. Each case is different according to the issues of each person and there are times when it is not what the person wants, but needs. This is a process of discovery for both Tanya and the client, and she loves each case.

Her approach is unorthodox as she do not follow the therapies she was taught while studying for her Masters in Science of Education with a Major in counseling. Today, she relies on her intuition and adjusts according to the issues a client is facing. But, if a person in not open, as she says, “There is nothing I can do.”  In some cases, it is necessary to do a review of a past life and belief codes which is causing problems with a current situation or relationship. She is very experienced with past life situations and belief codes as she has been releasing these within herself for the past 20 years, and the last 10 with clients.

Her techniques work because it is about releasing emotions and situations that are unresolved from a past life or lives. Once you understand the situation, which is often times traumatic causing blocked emotions, then you can release the emotions that are locked within your subconscious, which she refers to as the cellular memory. These emotions can also be locked in tissues in your body causing chronic pain.  After the release, you feel much lighter, happier and at peace which finally leads to an amazing restful sleep.

Tanya playing with her beloved Aussies.

You can find out more information about her through the link at the top of the page, and more about her experiences at Beyond Hearing Voices

Now as she has entered her 70’s, everything has changed once again. She thought that she would stop giving sessions with clients and focus on her own inner healing journey. She says that she’s finding that it is never-ending with spending more and more time on inner challenges. But, she feels that it is selfish and says,

I need to continue helping others by giving them information and helping them with their challenges through the valuable information that I possess.”

So after a 10 month hiatus, she’s back. Here on Spontaneous Healing Journey she is focusing on helping those who have the time and inclination to go beyond what their life has been. She says that suddenly people wake up during retirement and wonder where they are headed and what’s it all about?

That’s the challenge – discovering who you are and why you are here. Most people did not have time to do what she’s been doing because of work, family and personal obligations.

And then, you come to that fork in the road, and suddenly you come to realize, “What now?”

This is where she comes in. “I’m here to help you discover the wonderful, beautiful you. The you, you have no idea about!”

Tanya learned to play guitar at 65.

May be you’d like to learn how to play an instrument, how to sing, learn another language, draw. The options are endless, but you didn’t pursue your heart’s desire because you never had the time, money or whatever the reason. Perhaps you even felt guilty if you did, but now things are different because you have the time, and you just don’t know where to begin.

Tanya’s here to help you with your questions, your pain your dilemma. As she says, “I’m not going anywhere.”

You can contact Tanya here.