Q. – How does emotion focused therapy work?

I ask the client what predominant feelings are making them feel unhappy and what situations are causing problems in their life. I also ask the client if they are aware where the feelings are situated in the body. I can feel where they are stuck in the body

Once I know what the feelings are and where they are in the body, I lead the client through my releasing technique, after which the client feels a tremendous relief and lightness in the body

Q. – How can my therapy help with chronic pain in the body?

When emotions are blocked in a particular organ, tissue or ligaments, they cause pain. since even cell in the body has an emotional receptor. Negative emotions from trauma, accidents or painful situations stay stuck in the body if they are not released. If a client does not remember a particular situation that is causing pain, my spiritual guides provide me with the information that I need to help the client. Again I lead the client through my emotional releasing technique to release the pain. This technique can work with most illnesses and tumors.

Q. – How I do past life therapy?

Past life therapy will come up if a client is going through a difficult time with someone with whom he or she is personally involved.  Usually they have had past life experiences, and perhaps some type of trauma or unpleasant experience that was unresolved in a particular past life time. The past life situation is revealed to me which I then explain to the client and show how it is related and how it is triggering the client in this life time. In the next step, I lead the client through the emotional releasing technique of releasing emotions from that lifetime that are in the client’s cellular memory and bring it forward to emotions in this life time.

You can read more about my releasing  technique at emotion focused therapy.