We are born with emotions, it is what makes us human. The emotions are subjective conscious experiences which are characterized by  biological, and physical reactions and mental states. Our six basic emotions of anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise have adapted to the environment and era in which we live.

The type of work I do with clients is based on emotion focused therapy. I focus on the emotions because they can become blocked in the tissues of our body causing unhappiness, pain, illness, and disease. I have always believed that our emotions can get stuck in our body and Dr. Candace Pert’s research has proved that every cell in our body has an emotional receptor. It’s good to know that research is bringing psychology, science and spirituality closer together.

“You have receptors on every cell in your body that are actually little mini electrical pumps and when the receptor is activated by a matching ‘molecule of emotion’ the receptor passes a charge into the cell changing the cell’s electrical frequency as well as its chemistry, said Pert.

She has also said that just as our individual cells carry an electrical charge, so does the body as a whole,  like an electromagnet generating a field.

“People have a positive charge above their heads and a negative charge below. So we’re actually sending out various electrical signals – vibrations.”

You can read more information on Dr. Pert’s research at Candace-Pert-on-feeling-good.

I have learned my therapeutic technique of releasing the negative emotions through years of work on myself with the help of my spiritual guides. During the last 16 years, I have released all the pain in my lower and upper back, neck, stomach and internal organs, and I know that I had not done this work on myself, I would not be living today.

You can read more information about me at Spiritual Medium.