Natural Herbal Remedies

Herbs are plant food substances that have been used since thousands of years.

Herbs are plant food substances that have been used since people began eating.

Many herbs have been used through intuition and trial and error, and now there is an impressive list of plants that build better health. there is a solution for every physical problem and it has been said that there is an herb for every person.

If you eat a wrong herb, nothing much happens, your body will just reject it and you will not continue to take it.

Food alters the structure and function of the human body and many foods are healing. Herbs are natural food medicines.

On the other hand regular drug medicines are concentrates, fractionals and synthetics. In manufacturing drugs, portions that have been removed from plants have been altered in strange ways which can lead to harmful effects. Some synthetic drugs are made from coal, tar, or petroleum which can run uncontrolled in the body and when more drugs are added, it’s anyone’s guess what can happen from the interaction of the drugs on each other.

When I test a person for the herbal remedy that a person needs, I also make sure that taking another herb does not cause a reaction in the person.

Some chemical medicines or drugs can make you sicker – they don’t really cure anything. They can stimulate, numb, force or mask symptoms to trick the body.

Personally, I did not take drugs because I did not have a good reaction the ones that I had taken. I have used herbs and their combination for any illness I have had in the past 12 years.

I am not telling you what to do or to take, only offering suggestions for those willing to try.