Anti Aging Treatment

Is This You?
Is This You?

Are you worried about aging prematurely?

My anti aging treatment involves treatments that I do on myself regularly which keep me balanced, energized, stress-free and calm. Now that I’m in my early 70’s I’ve never felt better and I know it is due to my regular daily treatments.

All these treatments require an awareness of your physical body, a desire to control your health, and a good working knowledge of dowsing and knowing how to use a pendulum. When needed, I only use natural herbal remedies for any ailment or distress in my body.

Since I am an empath and intuitive I know when something is not working normally within my system, and since I often pick up negative vibrations from others and from the environment,  I have to use my releasing technique daily.

When I arise in the morning and after my morning ritual with my animals, and making coffee. I settle down with my check lists, sheets and pendulum.

Vagus Nerve

My first question is always (to whatever I’m feeling), is this mine?  Once I’ve established it is mine, here are the questions I ask using my pendulum where I will use my anti aging treatment:

  • does my aura need repair?
  • is the aura damage affecting my chakras? which ones?
  • does my vagus nerve need repair? This is a very important nerve as it affects many organs in your body.
  • then I check the light reflectivity from 0 to 100 % of all the major organs in my body. When one of your organs is not functioning properly due to sickness, or blocked emotions, or a belief code it will not be reflecting 100% light and will need repair.
  • and lastly I check my endocrine glands, and lately I have been working on my Pituitary gland. As you can see by the image of the pituitary gland, it affects many areas of your body and that is it is referred to as the Master Hormone Gland.

Once I establish which areas of my body I need to work on, I use my anti aging treatment(s).

I started working with my pituitary gland and the vagus nerve which are both very important for the major organs in the body, I feel so much better. The strange itch I had on my back which the doctor was going to treat with an antibiotic, even thought he had no explanation for it has nearly disappeared by using my treatment and using daily applications of Cajeput Oil which is one of the herbal oils that I regularly use from my medicine cabinet. Since I have been working on my pituitary gland, the itch and blemishes, and the ringing in my ears have nearly disappeared.

Pituitary Gland

Once I do the healing with natural elements technique that I have learned, I have no pain, nor discomfort in my body and I feel great!

I will be offering this Healing Technique in a program that you will be able to download.

If you would like more information concerning my anti aging treatment, contact me.